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Recently I’ve gotten strangely attached to Snapchat as a medium of communicating with the world. It’s not an easy medium and like many of you non-millennials, I had installed the app a few years back and then never ended up using the damn thing. As a non-millennial I didn’t know what to do with it and nobody else in Hong Kong was using it as a messenger. What’s more, in the beginning it was picture only and it just weirded me out to communicate with friends with disappearing pictures.

Fast forward to today, after reading YC partner Justin Kan’s take on Snapchat in January, I gave the platform another try and was instantly hooked. Videos and stories have turned Snapchat into a new medium that allows for great sharing of your daily life but also to broadcast your lessons and ideas you gather throughout the day. It feels like a better Meerkat/Periscope and not as intimidating as Instagram and Vine because you cannot do super lengthy clips and you don’t have to brush up your footage like you are James Cameron.

Tips for Snapchat

Anyways, you may ask yourself what do you – as a mere mortal – have to share with the world that could be interesting enough? Well, @JoelComm who is both a great Snapchatter and marketer has shared some awesome tips on how to create compelling Snapchat content yesterday. Now, you need to be on Snapchat — today — (on @JohnLeeDumas) to really watch those before they disappear into nothingness. So it kind of gave me the urge to share some of this valuable advice on here with the “outside” world and also put in my own take a little.

10 Snapchat Tips for Better Content

1. Be Creative

Be Creative on Snapchat



You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to be creative with your camera angles. Tell a story that will pull people in. The beauty of Snapchat is that you


2. Be Original —  You Are Unique … one of a kind!

Be Original on Snapchat


The world doesn’t need another JoelComm or LeeDumas. Be yourself. Each and one of us has their own passion, skills and personalities. There’s never been another you before and there’s never going to be another you. You can deliver value in a way that only you can.

3. Use The Snapchat Tools (Features)

Use the Snapchat Tools & Features

– Filters

– Emojis

– Text

These tools allow you to make your Snaps more interesting and consumable.

4. (Don’t) Speak Horrible French

Speak Clearly on Snapchat


Now, while @JoelComm is actually using this to line up “#10” – don’t be afraid to promote yourself. I think it’s also clear that you want to speak in a clear language that can be understood. If you speak French, mumble or don’t face the camera don’t be surprised if your friends will lose their attention.

5. Be Fun / Dance

Be Fun on Snapchat


Don’t take yourself too seriously. Doing some fun stuff like dancing and listening to music can lighten up your story. Nobody wants to see you just talking all day.

6. Follow Wisely

Follow Wisely on Snapchat


Follow people that inspire, teach and entertain you. It’s the best way to learn and have fun.

Here are some entrepreneurs and marketers that have inspired me so far: @garrytan, @jay.baer, @joshsteimle, @justinkan, @krumjahn, @kasebird, @msuster, @morganb180, @threebabes, @garyvee, @cnetsnaps, @taliagw, @mmazzeo (no particular order). Who are yours?

7. “Do Good Stuff”

Do Good Stuff on Snapchat


… aka have purpose. That can be sharing good advice and perhaps also reflecting on your own day and thoughts. To some extend you may also want to have a secondary objective such as growing your own brand or like @JoelComm starting an e-commerce shop For DJ Khaled Snapchat turned out to be a major key to success ?!

8. Ask For Feedback

Ask For Feedback on Snapchat

Solicit feedback to get better at what you do!

9. Don’t Be Boring

Dont be boring on Snapchat


Don’t overdo things and snap endless monologues or boring things. It may work once you have built a strong personal brand, but for us mortals you still want to deliver compelling content.

10. Promote Yourself to Get Discovered

Promote Yourself on Snapchat


You want to be found. So don’t be afraid to promote yourself on your Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Google+ / Blog. It’s not easy to get discovered so you may want to explore all avenues such as Snapchat takeovers, have friends snapchat you with your Snapchat handle, crosspost your snaps on other media like @JustinKan had done by sharing his startup advice on YC’s TheMacro blog. Add yourself to one of the many Snapchat directories. Get creative!

Most if not all credit goes to @JoelComm for these tips, follow him if you want to learn more cool stuff and see how it’s done.

Here are some more bonus tips from me!

11. Try making a community geo filter for added coolness. Go on Snapchat’s website, create one, and submit it.

12. Be consistent, build a streak. Snap every day.

13. Engage your audience, have screenshot polls and ask them questions.

14. Engage with those you follow (but may not have added you as friend yet). Send them snaps and screenshot their things. Get noticed.

15. Use 3rd party apps to create additional content such as screenshots of things you like or have read.

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