Catching up on Snapchat

Recently I’ve gotten strangely attached to Snapchat as a medium of communicating with the world. It’s not an easy medium and like many of you non-millennials, I had installed the app a few years back and then never ended up using the damn thing. As a non-millennial I didn’t know what to do with it and nobody else in Hong Kong was using it as a messenger. What’s more, in the beginning it was picture only and it just weirded me out to communicate with friends with disappearing pictures.

Fast forward to today, after reading YC partner Justin Kan’s take on Snapchat in January, I gave the platform another try and was instantly hooked. Videos and stories have turned Snapchat into a new medium that allows for great sharing of your daily life but also to broadcast your lessons and ideas you gather throughout the day. It feels like a better Meerkat/Periscope and not as intimidating as Instagram and Vine because you cannot do super lengthy clips and you don’t have to brush up your footage like you are James Cameron.

Tips for Snapchat

Anyways, you may ask yourself what do you – as a mere mortal – have to share with the world that could be interesting enough? Well, @JoelComm¬†who is both a great Snapchatter and marketer has shared some awesome tips on how to create compelling Snapchat content yesterday. Now, you need to be on Snapchat — today — (on @JohnLeeDumas) to really watch those before they disappear into nothingness. So it kind of gave me the urge to share some of this valuable advice on here with the “outside” world and also put in my own take a little.

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